Our Story



Founded in 1997 with a deep root in Hong Kong, Asia One Printing has been adhering to our promise of “Made in Hong Kong”.

With our own local printing house, Asia One Printing guarantees immediate response to customers’ appeals and ensures efficient and high quality service, which has been highly recognized by numerous oversea and local customers.

Asia One Printing has integrated a comprehensive spectrum of expertise in printing, publishing, copywriting, editing, translation, graphic design, colour management, typesetting, distribution, logistics and marketing under the same roof.


As one of Hong Kong’s most advanced and efficient printers of books, magazines, corporate and government literature – the core expertise upon which the company was established in 1997, Asia One Printing has served numerous customers with our state-of-the-art equipment and production facilities, professional and reliable services and ethical business practices.

Asia One Printing has built up its own local printing house and kept its root deeply in Hong Kong for 20 years since establishment. We are fully equipped with advanced offset and digital printing machines, as well as pre-press and post-press equipment such as CTP system.

One Solution

Benefited from efficient cooperation with the brother companies under Asia One Communications Group, Asia One Printing is capable to provide comprehensive solutions tailored precisely to our customers’ needs, which is offered from a single convenient point of contact.

One Location

Asia One Printing has built up our own printing house in Hong Kong. The literal integration of technologies and resources further fastened the company’s service offerings.

One Company

Asia One Printing takes pride in its roots in Hong Kong – roots which include private, local ownership. Guided for 20 years by the founder Peter Lau, the company has followed a clear, consistent strategy that has made it one of the region’s premier sources of printing expertise and related services.

Mission Statement

Asia One Printing aims to deliver the finest quality of commercial printing with exceptional service and value to our customers. We strive to establish a win-win relationship with our customers through service based on reliability, professionalism and ethical business practices.

Staffing Quality

Managing and organizing a pool of talented professionals ready to undertake projects from conception to completion in an efficient and economical manner, and in full alignment with the goals and requirements of our customers.

Production Quality

Maintaining a predictable and satisfying production standard, both in terms of local industrial practice as well as internationally recognized benchmark.

Customer Service

Understanding and fulfilling the needs of our customers and those of their clients to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Equipment & Technology

Introducing up-to-date technology and printing equipment to maintain and improve our production efficiency and quality.

Pricing Policy

Practicing prudent commercial principles to ensure flexible and competitive pricing in fulfilling our customer’s cost objective with high quality services and products.