Since 1997, Asia One Printing has made good on our promise by staying at the forefront of printing technology and continuously expanding our service expertise.

We’ve integrated the printing services with a comprehensive portfolio of complementary expertise in publishing and distribution, copywriting, editing, translation, graphic design, colour management, typestetting, logistics management under the same roof, fulfilling all kinds of customers’ demands with “one-stop” tailor made printing solutions.

Great ideas shouldn’t be forgotten. The aim of Asia One Printing is to make them endure by putting them to paper with state-of-the-art quality. Your ideas – our expertise.

  • Digital Printing

    Digital Printing by Asia One

    Complementing our offset printing capabilities are our state-of- the-art digital printing services – ideal for short to medium print runs, and offering a near-limitless scope for customisation.

    The Power of ONE

    As with all Asia One services, digital printing comprises a fully integrated element of an exceptionally efficient, convenient ‘one-stop-shop’ service concept.

    Our new dedicated Digital Centre creates ONE source for all digital printing related services – from colour management to production. At Digital Centre, you’ll find a whole team of experienced specialists on hand with the professional advice and expertise your project requires.

    At Digital Centre, you’ll also find cutting-edge equipment, including the HP Indigo 12000 – the first B2-size Indigo machine in Hong Kong.

    The Digital Centre Advantage

    Digital Centre’s seamless marriage of expertise, technology and customer-focused service is here to ensure that every client and every job delivers on the full potential of digital printing technology:

    • Shorter turnaround means substantial savings in time and money, and less need to keep large inventories of stock
    • Affordable small print runs mean it’s easier to keep your messages fresh and up-to-date, with less wasted paper
    • Consistent quality: The first copy is exactly the same as the last, regardless of the print run’s size
    • Digital flexibility means an endless scope for customisation. Every print can feature a unique pattern, personalised content, photos, etc

    Equipment Descriptions

    Brand / Model No.

    Press - Toner
    Ricoh 7100X
    Press - Toner
    Ricoh 8100S(B/W)
    PUR Perfect Binder
    Horizon BQ-470 fully-automated four-clamp perfect binder
    Paper Folder
    Horizon EF-354 Paper Folder(with KTU-35)
    Protopic II 540
    Multi-Functional Creasing & Perforation Machine
    Folding Machine
    Fold & Stitches
    BookletMac CS2
    Case Making
    FastBind Casematic XT (Hard Cover Case Maker)
    Case Making
    Corner Cutter (Hard Cover Case Maker)
    Joint Making
    FastBind Presso
    FastBind Photobook Solution
    FastBind FotoMount F42
    Pressing Machine
    EP530 Electric Pressing Machine
    Laser Die-Cut System
    Epilog Legend 36EXT
    Wire Binding
    KW-D600 / S600
    Saddle Stitch
    Perfect Binding
    Manual Perfect Binding
    Name Card Cutter
    NC25 (SR A3+)
  • Offset Printing


    Asia One Printing Ltd. is renowned for the quality of its printing. Whether the task is short run or long run, our round-the-clock offset printing solutions guarantee cost-effective, premium quality output. To complement out offset printing, we also offer printing service with the latest digital printing technologies. .

    Equipment Descriptions

    Brand / Model No.

    Offset Printing Equipment
    Eight Colour Offset Press(UV LE)
    Heidelberg Speedmaster/SM 102-8-P
    Eight Colour Offset Press
    Heidelberg Speedmaster/SM 102-8-P
    Six Colour Offset Press
    Heidelberg Speedmaster/SM 102-6-P
    Five Colour Offset Press
    Heidelberg Speedmaster/CD102-5
    Five Colour Offset Press
    Heidelberg Speedmaster/102FP
    Two Colour Offset Press
    Heidelberg Speedmaster/SM 102-2-P
    One Colour Offset Press
    Polar High Speed Guillotine
    137E x 2 Units
    Polar High Speed Guillotine
    Polar High Speed Guillotine
  • Prepress

    Colour Management & Output

    Asia One Graphic Ltd. is a top rated output centre with 24-hour round-the-clock operation. We have the latest output software and hardware technology, including Computer-to-Plate (CTP) and state-of-art digital work flow system to ensure that your design gets the exact reproduction results you expected.

    Equipment Descriptions

    Brand / Model No.

    Graphic Computer
    Workstation (1 sets)
    Power Mac G4
    Workstation (2 sets)
    Power Mac G5
    XServer (2 sets)
    AOGS / AOG Job Server
    Workstation (11 sets)
    Mac Pro 1(4 sets); Mac Pro 6 (7 sets)
    Workstation (4 sets)
    Prepress Equipment (CTP & CTF /Output)
    Thermal Platesetter
    Kodak Magnus 800 Quantum (F Speed) Platesetter
    Thermal Platesetter
    Kodak Magnus Semi Automatic CTP (F Speed)
    Image Setter
    Kodak Dolev 800v2
    Scenic Soft Preps
    Creo iQsmart3
    Digital Workflow System
    Workflow Software
    Kodak Prinergy 8.0
    Color Management
    Kodak ColorFlow & GMC Color Management System
    Digital Interface Prinect CP2000 Centre
    TECHKON SpectroDrive PressSign Pro X 2sets
    Digital Proofing System
    Epson Stylus Pro 9910 Epson Stylus Pro 9880 C Epson Stylus Pro 9800
    HP Designjet T7100 (1 sets) HP Designjet 4020 (1 sets)
    bizhub Press C1060 Digital Printing System
    Ricoh Pro C901S with CREO Ricoh Pro 907EX
    DTP Software
    Printergy 8.0 PitStop Pro 12 Adobe Creative Cloud Colour Care 4.2.2 Adobe Creative Suite 6.0 Design Standard Acrobat 9.0 Professional Acrobat x Professional Adobe InDesign CC2016 Adobe Illustrator CC2016 Adobe Photoshop CC2016 Quark XPress 8.5 Passport
  • Postpress

    Unlike many local printers, we have our own in-house binding, lamination, folding, stitching, and finishing facilities, which provide our clients with the benefits of convenience, speed, quality and competitiveness in one complete package.

    At Asia One, mailing, shipping and fulfilment are executed completely in-house and are semi-automated, without wasting valuable transfer time. Our promise is that we have the labour power as well as machine power to help you finish off the last step of your communication needs... to bring your printed message to your customers’ hands.

    Equipment Descriptions

    Brand / Model No.

    Folding Equipment
    Paper Folding Machine
    Paper Folding Machine
    Paper Folding Machine
    Paper Folding Machine
    Paper Folding Machine
    MBO Buckle Type Folding Machine, B30/444
    Binding Equipment
    Spine Pressing Machine
    City SC128
    Saddle Stitch with 6 Stations and Cover
    Saddle Stitch with 11 Stations and Cover
    Muller Martini 335
    24 Clamps Milling Stations with 18 Gathering Stations
    Muller Martini Perfect Binder/Normbinder
    Finishing Equipment
    Drilling machine
    Morgana IRAM-16