Our Story

Environmental Strategy

Every individual is part of a wider community – and membership in a community brings responsibilities as well as rewards. Bearing this concept in mind, Asia One has made a longstanding commitment to improving quality of life, both within Hong Kong and around the globe.

Over the years, Asia One has also taken on a leading role in several sponsorships and charities for causes ranging from culture to the environment. All these initiatives and others have led Asia One to be recognised as a ‘5 Consecutive Years Caring Company’ by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 2007.

With stringent standards, Asia One always encourages our staff and customers to print on paper made with wood sourced from carefully managed forests. Moreover, our effort to develop cleaner, greener operational practices has resulted in our full compliance with ISO 14001 – one of the world’s strictest standards for Environmental Management Systems.

Everybody deserves cleaner air, a more beautiful city, and a chance to achieve. As the success of Asia One grows, so will our efforts to make good things happen.

Equipment Descriptions

Brand / Model No.

Environmental Protection Installation
Isopropyl alcoholic (IPA) substitute system is used in all printing presses
Nevado Inc.
Chemistry-free computer-to-plate system plate washing system
Agfa C-120-Cleaning Unit Online Avalon LF
Air Cleaner (6 sets)
Biozone Air Purifier BA-50
Automatic Centralized Paper Waste
Collection System