The 26th Hong Kong Print Awards

Apr 18, 2014

The Hong Kong Print Awards is the territory’s largest and most respected competition for publishing, printing and graphic design industry. Asia One won one Merit and five Champion awards combining with one Best Publishing Concept award of Distinguished Publishing Awards at this year’s gala event.

Champion (Magazine Printing) – Obscura Volume 01/ Summer 2013; Volume 04/Summer 2014

Champion (Annual Report Printing) – Anta Sports Products Ltd annual report 2013

Champion (Calendar Printing) – OVO 2014 calendar

Champion (Digital Book Printing) – 125 Years Swiss History of Time by Carl F Bucherer

Champion (Digital Photo Album Printing) – MY Serene August 2013

Merit (Digital Photo Album Printing) – AO Vertical Art Space exhibitions catalogue collections

Distinguished Publishing Awards (Best Publishing Concept) - Rethinking Bamboo