Jan 02, 2014

A series of training sessions for Asia One Printing staff were presented by a professional training company Craftses Studio in May. Bryan Tong, Managing Director of Craftses, provided a number of practical insights on colour management and leadership for AOP sales, technical and management teams.

Adaptive leadership: Mobilising for Change

Focusing on communication skills, the 8th May training session focused on gaining an understanding of people’s behavior– something which is crucial to obtaining the support of subordinates. Also examined was the importance of effective communication in addressing issues while leading change.

Controlling colour quality: Densitometry & colourimetric numbers

On 12th May, training for field starters focused on introducing colour management tools from ABC to intermediate. The workshop explained the best practices in production control.

Enhancing sales through understanding colour management

In the final training session on 23rd May, senior AOP sales executives were offered an in-depth look at solving typical challenges related to the colour of printed materials.